Summer Networking Event- June 2014

Black Rhino Financial would like to extend our warmest gratitude to our many clients, partners and friends who made our most recent Networking Event a huge success. We are so blessed to have you all as part of our growing … Continued

A Note From Our Founder

I think that I was born to be an entrepreneur. At a very early age my father instilled in me a strong work ethic when he told me that doing chores around the house was a responsibility and not a … Continued

Black Rhino's Fall Crash

A group or gathering of Rhino’s is known as a Crash of Rhinos. Join us in gathering our Black Rhino family for an evening of networking.    November 13, 2014: Black Rhino Financial Group held our annual Fall Networking event, … Continued

Identity and Leadership Development

By Jennifer Smith What do I mean by Identity? Identity is about expression. Identity is not who you are—that’s the Self. You use your Identities to express your Self in various areas of your life. We all have multiple Identities. … Continued

Black Rhino's Black Rhino

Congratulations it’s a Rhino! Black Rhino Financial Group is proud to have symbolically adopted the eastern black rhinoceros at the Lincoln Park Zoo, located in Chicago. By adopting the rhino, we have directly contributed both to the black rhino located … Continued

Black Rhino's Networking Event 2013

The Black Rhino Financial Networking Event was widely attended by clients, networking partners and friends looking to make connections and present their unique businesses.  On Thursday, November 7th Black Rhino hosted our Annual Networking Event for our clients, networking partners … Continued